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When bees thrive – we all thrive.

The SD25 B is a product developed by the IPC EUROPE team for the Protection and Well-being of bees. Made in Germany.

The work of bees and their importance, which biology studies show, especially following the food chain for hundreds of thousands of years, are mostly neglected by our society and their significance is underestimated. Beekeepers in particular are aware of this situation and the bees’ important task.

We are now facing a turning point that is barely noticed or is even ignored by the majority of our society. The massive death of bees and other insects has become a problem worldwide yet humanity generally does not seem to be aware of the  far-reaching consequences.

Bees are a keystone species, a species that effects our ecosystem greatly.

If something drastic doesn’t change this trend soon, we could experience a worldwide catastrophe, which will have major effects on our food chain. In fact this catastrophe has already started yet goes widely unnoticed by authorities and the population. This is comparable to the poisoning of the oceans, and we cannot seem to count on any positive actions from the politicians and big industry.

The supposed causes of bee death: the ever increasing use of so-called crop protection products like pesticides, fungicides, molluscicides, herbicides, etc.

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In addition, the frequencies of electric magnetic radiation networks are very likely to damage insects, plants, animals and humans through the microwave radiation created by 4G and 5G.

Bees are also endangered and damaged by numerous bee pests such as varroa mites and predators.

In particular so-called pesticides and electromagnetic radiation can impair the bees’ sense of orientation to such an extent that they cannot even find their way back to the hive.

These toxic substances and microwaves also interfere with the “Bee Dance”.  A Bee Dance is a type of behavior performed by scout bees returning from a hunt for food outside the hive. Each dance pattern contains resource location instructions for the other bees. The  interference confuses and jumbles the meaningfulness of the communication being relayed regarding these food sources so they can no longer be found.

The IPC EUROPE team worked intensively on solutions whose purpose is to stop “Bee Death”.

We have succeeded in developing a maintenance-free, long-lasting product which is very effective without chemistry and is easy to use.

Bees Protection & Well-Being

Price €395.00

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Product Specifications

19 cm x 2.2 cm 650 grams
7.5″ x 0.9″ 23 ounces

coverage in a sphere:
radius 25 meters / 75 ft
diameter 50 meters / 150 ft