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Detoxifying the harmful components in food and beverages by neutralizing the toxic information.

We all want to live healthy. This includes a wholesome diet, clean air and undefiled water. We understand this should be a priority for our bodies and healthy lives. Nowadays the quality and choices of things we intake is widely out of our control. Our food, and water contain many toxic components such as chemicals, flavor enhancers, color additives, preservatives, pesticides, etc. And how do we know the “organic” label really represents organic foods really? And how much is the production of organic food under control with all these negative influences in the air, in the water, and the soil?

Norbert Heuser and his team at IPC Europe have taken on the challenge of neutralizing the toxic content in beverages and foods that we consume every day. This is a crucial contribution to a better life.

PROTECT PRO SD 2 Food Protect

We all like to eat healthy food, being aware that this is essential to our body. But nowadays our food carries a lot of toxic particles such as chemicals, flavor enhancers, color additives, preservatives, pesticides etc…And how organic is organic food truly?

Norbert Heuser and his team at IPC Europe picked up the challenge to compensate for the toxic content in the food you eat daily to support the quality of the food you eat and consequently support your health.

The name Food Protect already indicates, as explains, the area of ​​application for which the Smart Defender SD 2 Food Protect is designed: “For people (and animals alike) and their food and drinks”! This designation is already an interpretation of the scope of the possibilities of the SD 2 and an indication of its possible uses. In order to meet this requirement, we have developed a specific program and programmed the SD 2 with the software we have developed.

The SD2 is a Quantum Physics Computer. The SD 2 has an effective radius of 5 meters, or a diameter of 10 meters. In its range of ​​activity, food and drinks are recognized and harmful substances are neutralized (nullified) on their information levels. Products that are stored in the refrigerator and in the freezer are also registered within this effective range, even if the SD 2 is not placed inside these household appliances.

“Let food be your medicine and let medicine be your food.”
Hippocrates around 370 BC. Greece

Hippocrates, also known as the father of medicine, was one of the first to believe in the central importance of nutrition in preventing disease. Hippocrates firmly believed that a healthy diet was far better than surgery and drugs in the fight against disease.

In order to prove whether this neutralization with the SD2 is really possible, we have placed a contract for testing with the scientifically working BESA institute in Austria, subject: “Toxic substances in food”

The following toxic substances in the food should be measured with regard to the effectiveness on the test object to see if it was raised to a natural energy standard value: – basically denatured food – hormone-modified food – food contaminated by bar codes on packaging – food contaminated with pesticides – contaminated by radiation Food – Food contaminated by color additives – Food contaminated with flavor enhancers – Food contaminated by microwave use – Food contaminated with chemical preservatives or preservatives – Food contaminated by freezing damage.

The aim was to prove that the SD 2 is able to neutralize (zero) harmful effects of the energy field of people when confronted with pesticide ampoules, dye ampoules in food and beverages. So the concept of SD 2 is: to neutralize harmful information, resulting from pesticides, dyes, etc., which can occur in food, the energy field, and the energy balance of biological objects.

According to information from the test center, BESA Austria, denatured foods, pesticidal foods and beverages with corresponding ingredients cause an energy drop that can be significantly measured. Depending on the aggressiveness and concentration of these ingredients, this is sometimes weaker, sometimes stronger and very strong in the case of intolerance. The Besa elaborations and certificates with a total of 19 pages about the Smart Defender Food Protect SD 2 can be read under BESA.

The test result did not surprise us. We were convinced of the effectiveness of the program concept, but were nevertheless delighted with the brilliant result and the award of the maximum number of the possible 5 golden seals.

So you can get an idea of how the product was tested, we briefly describe the test specifications that we presented to the BESA Institute, that there be “an energetic actual measurement ”of all subjects to confirm the current condition of the subjects.

Test procedure

This test is about proving the functionality of the SD 2. This is achieved by associating test subjects to selected test ampoules with negative content in order to demonstrate and compare their reactions with and without the test product ((SD2)). The test subjects come in contact with predetermined amounts of negative content test ampoules. The pre-measurement takes place without the test product, SD2. The final measurement is carried out with the test product, SD2.

The test question for each follow-up measurement is: “Is the test product (SD2) suitable and able to harmonize and neutralize the negative effects of the test ampoules”. The test procedure designed in this way is intended to provide us with information as to the effectiveness of the SD 2 product from the before use and after use comparison. “We, the development team, are convinced, based on the content of the SD 2 program, that it is suitable for harmonizing and / or neutralizing the negative effects of food and beverages in biological (bodies, plants, animals) objects. When asked which foods and drinks it can be used on, our answer is: “(almost) everyone!”

A little remark: The SD 2 can of course also be used for animal food / feed!

Our products are scientifically tested and certified by the BESA Institute in Austria.
For results and certificates see

SD 2
Food Protect

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Product Specifications

80 mm  x 50 mm x 3.7 mm  16.4 grams
3.15” x 1.96” x 0.14”  0.58 ounces

coverage in a sphere:
radius 10 meters / 30 ft
diameter 20 meters / 60 ft

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