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Here you will find products to help protection from electro magnetic fields as to be found in cell phones, cars, electric cars, WiFi stations, GPS, smart meters, screens, geopathic zones as well as protection for your health, food and beverages.

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There you will find all our products which increase the energy level
for people, animals, plants, food, water etc.

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PROTECT PRO Technology

Each of us wants to live a long and healthy life. We are surrounded by lots of good energies, but as well, by a lot of very bad and chaotic energies.

Are You really Aware of the dangerous electromagnetic radiation surrounding you and your loved ones at home and at work?

We are learning more and more that some of the technologies that surround us are harming our bodies and our entire lives. For some, this realization comes too late. They discover that they’re past the point of no return in terms of handling a health crisis. Fortunately, many can still be helped.

We are here to help.

The harm in the technologies cannot be sensed or detected by most people, which makes them especially dangerous. Though most people cannot perceive the harmful influences, more and more people are starting to feel strange sensations. These days more and more people suffer from the effects of high-intensity radiation.

The first step to solving any problem is becoming aware that a problem exists. There IS a problem; our mission is to make you aware of it and to offer you the solution.

This planet is based on frequencies. Each object on this planet, as well as each person, has its own unique frequency, like a unique fingerprint. There are only 2 types of frequencies:

Survival and Counter Survival frequencies. That’s it. There are no others. Sounds very simple? The truth is always simple.

This frequency principle refers to products we eat and drink as well as products we use in our daily life. The average person finds Counter-Survival frequencies difficult or impossible to detect yet we are all influenced by them just the same. This principle even applies to personal relationships. Have you ever encountered a ‘toxic personality’?

We live in an age of high-technology. However, most or all of what we like to call progress is very questionable in its health effects. We tend to ignore those effects because we measure progress by how much money we can make or how much entertainment value we receive from technology. The health or genetic influences of these “great inventions” are rarely questioned. Indeed, some industries go to great lengths to cover up the negative effects of their technologies on the environment and human health, i.e: Cell Phones and Electric Cars. Only after the harmful effects accumulate and their presence becomes overwhelming is action normally taken. Often late, some times too late.

Our planet was originally built on survival-friendly frequencies. The survival-friendly frequencies must be recognized, then strengthened and ultimately promoted. Hostile, counter survival frequencies which contain chaos, which disturbs and destroys life, must:

a) be eliminated from our environment.This is often very difficult or even impossible. Example: WiFi, mobile phone, etc.
b) be boycotted
c) be transformed from their chaotic state into an orderly harmony.
Harmony = supporting and promoting survival

And c) is exactly what we do at IPC with PROTECT PRO TECHNOLOGY, we have something that is absolutely unrivaled and unique. Have fun on your trip to discover our solutions.

That is our mission and that is exactly what we are doing. With our PROTECT PRO TECHNOLOGY and our HI ENERGY TECHNOLOGY we have a lot to show that is very unique. On our path we are constantly expanding our horizon, our technologies, and the associated applications.

Enjoy your journey of discovery when exploring our websites.

We are increasingly looking for solidarity and cooperation with other people who have developed excellent products, to combine our technologies with theirs and to be able to achieve something very extraordinary.