Our Products are  5G  Resistant.

The 5G Problem
is coming down on all of us.

This new 5G technology turns everything on its head and causes concern and even fear for many people.
And rightly so. We have never been subjected to something more insane.
I have been asked if our SMART DEFENDER can also handle 5G?
My answers:
Our first results in the so-called 5G test areas clearly shows:


I cannot give a final guarantee until 5G is implemented everywhere. I trust coverage only locally in the test areas or coverage widespread will make no difference.

In the past, electricity and water consumption were each read “by hand” and the customer was charged for their consumption and cost accordingly. Now, in most regions, the switch to smart meters is in progress. This method is an electronic reading system based on Wi-Fi, which gives each household an additional electromagnetic field (EMF) load.

Our SMART DEFENDER handles this burden by harmonizing this EMF. As well as also handling the negative effects of all possible nearby transmission towers.

Smart Defender Protection

Price: € 450.00

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Product Specifications

hard plastic 7.5” x 0.9”   190 x 22 mm    23 ounces  650 Gramm
Covers a space of 150 feet in diameter.
Always position horizontal / flat.
Simply mount on to the ceiling or place flat on a shelf, a cabinet  etc.