Many people asked me again and again if I could give webinars please. So – that’s exactly what I will do now and this for free, with my claim to offer new, interesting, versatile information and solutions.
Many of you have had problems attending my seminars over the years. In addition, the Covert 19 situation is now torpedoing everything, not just the seminars.

You are invited to my first free Zoom webinar

Theme:  5G, COVID19, and vaccinations 

This webinar will show you how inextricably intertwined these all are.
When: Nov 7, 2021 06:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada) 
Duration:  1 – 2 hours
ProcedureSeminar including questions and answers
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For now I plan a webinar every 3-4 weeks with a duration 1-2 hours.

Here is a plan, and some topics for the next few live webinars.

However I am always open to suggestions and requests.
Cell Phones and 5G harm your body.
Why blocking from electromagnetic radiation for Cell Phones does not work.
WiFi and 5G harms mankind, animals and plants alike.
Why the blocking of electromagnetic radiation of WiFi technology does not work.
WiFi and 5G penetrate our apartments, workspaces and harm us in our daily life
in every single location we may dwell and even in the open air.
Why Electric Cars are a disgrace.
It is n o t about “clean” driving and saving energy.
All about water 1 : The big water scam, the story of water,
99% of all people I test are dehydrated. 95% drink unhealthy water- you most likely do was we speak. Water is more important than food.
All about water 2 : What is truly healthy water?
You believe the water you drink is really healthy?
Why Reverse Osmosis Water Filters are a bad choice.
Why Tattoos are a very bad idea and how they harm your body.

Possible Topics for future Webinars:

– Regular combustion chamber cars and electric cars create harmful electromagnetic radiation
– Geopathic Zones – harm your body and hardly anybody knows
– The future in medicine is frequency medicine, not pills and not white gowns
– Coffee and sugar are the biggest legal drugs
– Food supplements are a must
– We all have too little daylight
– The 14 possible causes of bad sleep
– Water stores information – the work of Dr. Masuro Emoto Japan
– Reverse Osmosis Filters – the most used water filter systems – harm the body
– Why are we all too acidic? What you have to understand about pH
– The basics of Chinese Medicine
– We all have to much toxins and we need to detox
– Glands deficiency – most pople have problems with heir Thymus Gland, Thyroids and Pineal gland
– There 7 parameters you can control yourself without any doctor
– The basics in dentistry
– Kinesiology / Muscle Testing – how does it work
– Basically nobody has the healthy body temperature of 98.6 but have a chronic low in body temperature
– 6 management steps to health
– Chronic Stress – the only reason you can become sick
– Wrong positions when working or sleeping effect your health
– This planet is based on frequencies only
– Inventions – nearly all inventions of the past 200 years screw this planet, mankind, flora, and fauna
– The bees are vanishing from this planet – a catastrophe will come up
– How to improve the energy in your body in less than a second
– Is your house your own enemy in health?
– The building blocks of life